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News » Giants need to remind everyone they're the champs

Giants need to remind everyone they're the champs

Giants need to remind everyone they're the champs
You are the New York Giants. The defending world champion New York Giants. Oh, how you love hearing that. It brings back all those memories from a magical season no one saw coming. Even today, you still can hear the cheers exploding out of the Canyon of Heroes. Everyone was right: There is no better place to win than in New York.

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It is now, and only now, after having the swagger knocked out of you, that you have begun to understand what it means to be The Hunted. You are Big Game in this big game tonight, and here come the Carolina Panthers, believing it is their time. The Carolina Panthers, fearless and full of growl, come to your house bent on breaking and entering and planting that No. 1 seed in Charlotte and, finally, stealing your Lombardi Trophy.

You have lost two in a row at a time when DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart have been running wild and Steve Smith has been imposing his will on secondaries, and now it is time to send a loud and clear reminder to the Carolina Panthers, and to the rest of the NFL. And that loud and clear reminder is this:

You are the King of Beasts.

You own the line of scrimmage. You run for 200 yards when you feel like it. You have the Super Bowl MVP quarterback. You rattle quarterbacks. Mother Nature might intrude tonight? You are the weather-proof team that iced Brett Favre last January. This is your biggest game since Super Bowl XLII? You are the pressure-proof team that overcame Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

You are Big Game Giants.

Michael Strahan retired and Jeremy Shockey was traded and you lost Osi Umenyiora before the season even began, and still you laughed at all the naysayers who couldn't wait to jump on the Cowboys' bandwagon anyway. "Talk is cheap, play the game" hadn't gone anywhere. Eli Manning was your leader and the Best offensive line in football guided Earth, Wind and Fire, even when the great Ray Lewis was standing in the way, to the end zone, and Big Blue remained its ornery, defiant self. It was great to be young and a Giant, great to be Jeff Feagles and John Carney, too.

Then Plaxico Burress went from the top of the world to the height of stupidity when one reckless night, with your heart-and-soul middle linebacker in tow, he mindlessly shot a hole in your bleeding offense. And now it is up to you to prove that he did not, can not, will not, shoot a hole in your Super Bowl dreams.

And there is no better place to prove it than in your place. There is no better place for this rumble with the Carolina Panthers than your own haunted jungle, where the ghosts of Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson and Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro and Carl Banks and Ottis Anderson and, of course, Bill Parcells, stand ready to will you to Tampa.

You made it an intimidating place again, at least until Brian Westbrook showed up, a place where the meek shall never inherit the earth. A place where, if the team Tom Coughlin believes in doesn't get you, the swirling winds and bitter cold will. And if the swirling winds and bitter cold don't get you, the 12th Man will. You'll never concede that getting to Super Bowl XLII by winning three playoff games on the road was a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. But no one has to tell you that getting a first-round bye then sleeping in your own beds and playing two January games at Giants Stadium is the best way to make history.

Brady and the Patriots were Big Game in the biggest game on the biggest Sunday of the 2007 season. You were Big Game Hunters then. The Carolina Panthers are the Big Game Hunters now. It is time to show them that sometimes you better be careful what you wish for.

The Canyon of Heroes would like to welcome you back. You'd like to get back to the White House to meet President Obama. You sure like walking tall and walking proud around town. The Carolina Panthers want a Cat fight? Then give them one, and give them one they will remember, or slink off into the night, King of Beasts no more.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: December 21, 2008

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