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News » Falcons thriving after extreme makeover

Falcons thriving after extreme makeover

Falcons thriving after extreme makeover
Adam Best and the rabid football fans at Fan-Sided Blogs will weigh in with the perspective from the bleachers, couches and sports bars after each week's games.

It's fitting that Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is the co-founder of Home Depot, because following last season his team was in desperate need of a renovation.

NFL Week 11

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  • Speaking of paving the way, fullback Ovie "The Drill" Mughelli -- we gotta show fullbacks some love every once in a while, right? -- opened holes for the Burner all day long. The unheralded-but-gritty offensive line also came through. Turner finished with 96 yards and a touchdown, but it was his partner, Jerious Norwood, who finished off the Saints. Norwood broke the Saints' back when he turned a Ryan dink pass into a 67-yard touchdown, high-stepping the last 30 yards. For a second there, I thought Deion Sanders was back in Atlanta.

    While we're on the topic of the former Falcons' star defensive back, a couple of current Dirty Bird d-backs went all Prime Time themselves. Recent addition Dominique Foxworth showed off his ball skills, most notably on a play where he broke up a sure Marques Colston TD. Second-year stud Chris Houston picked off Brees in the end zone in the fourth quarter and started doing the one-and-only Deion Dance. Not to be outdone, rookie corner Chevis Jackson sealed the game when he picked off Brees in the red zone and took it to the house Sanders style. Dude might have started high-stepping from the 40. All of this was made possible in part because of the pass-rushing prowess of John Abraham. Whether he was lined up left, right, or at the concession stand, he was putting pressure on Brees.

    Nine games into the season and the Falcons have already won two more games then they did all of last year. They're not Super Bowl contenders as of yet, but the team owned by the Home Depot guy has gone from being a bunch of tools to retooled in record time.

    Around the League

    AFC East: The New York Jets absolutely sheared the St. Louis Rams last week, setting the stage for a Thursday night showdown with the Patriots. Well, as much as any game with Chris Collinsworth adding the color can be considered a showdown. Thomas Jones has been a beast of late, racking up 496 yards rushing and six touchdowns in his last five.-- Full AFC East breakdown

    AFC North: With Big Ben playing more like Roethlisbooger (yeah, I collected Garbage Pail Kids as a kid), it looks like Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens actually have a shot in this division. By the way, Deion, you have to stop calling another grown man "Sugar." Even Entourage's Lloyd thinks that's a no-no.-- Full AFC North breakdown

    AFC South: Seven quarters. Seven turnovers. This is the story of the outlaw Sage Rosenfels. Soon to be outlawed, if he keeps playing like this. They're the Houston Texans, people. Plus, I just really, really like Westerns.-- Full AFC South breakdown

    AFC West: I thought it was cool that Brandon Marshall's botched TD celebration was intended to be a show of racial unity following the election of our first black President, but at first I seriously thought homeboy was going to pull a McDonald's bag out of his pants. Brandon Stokley's defense on that near celebration saved the game for the Denver Broncos.-- Full AFC West breakdown

    NFC East: Even though the Tennessee Titans are 9-0, the defending New York Giants are definitely the team to beat. Like wrestling icon Ric Flair used to say, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." Hey, last time I checked the G-Men won that annoying game they keep rudely interrupting all those awesome commercials with.-- Full NFC East breakdown

    NFC North: With some Motor City factories being temporarily shut down, why not shut down the Detroit Lions, too? Forcing the Wolverine State to watch its Lions during this time of economic turmoil is just downright cruel, and the addition of Daunte Culpepper constitutes as rubbing salt in the wound.-- Full NFC North breakdown

    NFC South: The Carolina Panthers are lucky they played the Oakland Raiders last week, a team that has completely given up. Seven completions to four interceptions? Jake Delhomme, that's gotta be some kind of record. Were you trying to let the Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers gain some ground or what?-- Full NFC South breakdown

    NFC West: The St. Louis Rams have come full circle. They've totally reverted back to being the Lambs the past two weeks. I seriously think that Scott Linehan possessed Jim Haslett's body over Halloween weekend. How else do you explain them going the full 360 degrees after their three-week 180?-- Full NFC West breakdown

    Get plenty of NFL coverage from the fans perspective at Fan-Sided Blogs, an affiliate of Yardbarker.

    Author:Fox Sports
    Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
    Added: November 11, 2008

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