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News » A fantasy draft of the title-game heroes

A fantasy draft of the title-game heroes

A fantasy draft of the title-game heroes
Fantasy Football doesn't extend to the Super Bowl, but what if it did and only the Super Bowl mattered? Would you draft Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw at quarterback? Or maybe a one-hit wonder such as Doug Williams?

To find out, the Trib asked four fantasy Football experts to hold a mock draft of all-time Super Bowl stars. Using a conventional fantasy Football scoring format, here's who ? and how ? they chose:

David Sandora (Tribune-Review): OK gentlemen, here is the draft order, determined by random draw from a hat: Dennis Velasco, David Sandora, Barry Federovitch, Adam Levitan.

Adam Levitan (Metro Newspapers): That's BS.

DS: Well, you are the 2001 ESPN.com fantasy Football overall champion. You should spot us.

AL: How will we determine a winner?

DS: We could vote on best team at the end, can't vote for your own?

AL: Or reader vote.

DS: Tell you what: At the end, each person gives one sentence pimping their team.

DS: Readers can vote. I'll send the winner a prize of some sort.

DS: One that has value, not just a copy of the paper.

DS: So get your Steelers picks ready! Set! Go!

Dennis Velasco (Gear Live Football): 1.1 Joe Montana, QB

DS: 1.2 Jerry Rice, WR

DS: For the record, Montana would've been nothing without Rice.

Barry Federovitch (Trenton Times): Kinda like chicken marsala.

DS: Fed, you're up. And you can't pick Chicken Marsala.

BF: 1.3 Tim Smith, RB. The biggest fluke of all-time.

DS: Absolutely.

AL: 'Skins!

DS: And you just gave Adam his pleasant dream for tonight.

AL: 1.4 Emmitt Smith, RB.

DV: I think they had a symbiotic existence like Venom and Eddie Brock.

DV: I'm a nerd.

DS: Saying "symbiotic" definitely qualifies you.

AL: 2.1 Terry Bradshaw, QB

AL: Go Steelers, booooyyyyyy!

DS: Panderer.

BF: OK, commish I need a ruling. Does Steve Young get penalized for sitting on the bench and not playing?

DS: Only games in which the player appeared.

DS: Are you really thinking that hard six picks in?

BF: Well, that 2-for-3 for 20 yards (in Super Bowl XXIV) killed his rating.

BF: 2.2 Doug Williams, QB

DS: It's all about D.C., huh?

BF: Gotta take care of my Tampa people.

DS: 2.3 Terrell Davis, RB

DV: SNAKED! Was going to pick TD.

DV: 2.4 Marcus Allen, RB

DV: 3.1 Dan Ross, TE

DS: Nice with the Dan Ross ? got me back.

DS: 3.2 1985 Chicago Bears defense. I was tempted to take the '92 Cowboys and their nine turnovers, even despite Leon Lett.

AL: That pick wouldn't have gone over well with the readers.

DS: Definitely not. Good thing I'm too ugly for a mug shot in the paper.

DV: Truer words have never been said. But we all write for a reason.

BF: 3.3 2002 Tampa Bay Bucs defense.

AL: Metro is obsessed with byline headshots. I'm pretty, though.

AL: 3.4 Lynn Swann, WR

DS: Someone wants a job in the 'Burgh.

AL: Gonna own this reader vote.

AL: 4.1 Jay Novacek, TE

BF: 4.2 Larry Csonka, RB

DS: Going in the way back machine: 4.3 John Mackey, TE. If only because the Jets did the job against him in Super Bowl III.

BF: And that fluke tip.

DV: Man, I need a Stiller ... 4.4 Franco Harris, RB

DS: You going to take Rocky Bleier too?

DV: 5.1 John Stallworth, WR. Total pandering. Six receptions and three TDs in two Super Bowls. Combined 236 yards.

BF: But what about the other two Super Bowls?

DS: Man there won't be any Steelers left for me to pick. Can I take Bill Cowher?

DV: No. Only the moustache.

DS: 5.2 John Riggins, RB

DS: J-E-T-S ...

BF: That leaves me with the Antichrist, 5.3 Michael Irvin, WR

AL: 5.4 Roger Craig, RB

DV: Barry, for Stallworth in those other two games: Five receptions for 32 yards. Yikes.

AL: 6.1 Antonio Freeman, WR. Tryin' to stay within my lifetime.

DS: Fed, one of us is due to pander with this pick.

BF: Wow, toughie. 6.2 Isaac Bruce, WR

DS: I really want to take Hines Ward, I do. I'm sorry Pittsburgh. 6.3 Deion Branch, WR. 21 catches in two Super Bowls

DV: And I'm snaked again.

BF: No Bill Miller of Super Bowl II?

DS: I'm fundamentally opposed to a guy who had only nine catches in nine games the next season and also shares a name with Saints tight ends.

BF: I'm biased. I have a neighbor named Bill Miller.

DV: 6.4. Muhsin Muhammed, WR

DV: 7.1 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense

DS: 7.2 Steve Christie, K

DS: Fed, you still need a tight end ? too bad the Saints' Bill Miller hasn't been to The Game.

BF: 7.3 Kevin Butler, K

AL: 7.4 1987 Washington Redskins defense. For the record, Doug Williams came to my school and shook my hand. I haven't washed it since.

AL: 8.1 Adam Vinatieri, K

BF: 8.2 The Ghost to the Post, Dave Casper, TE

DS: 8.3 Steve Young, QB

DS: And "Mr. Kinda Sorta Irrelevant, but Way More Relevant than We'll Ever Be" is...

BF: Ben Affleck!

DV: 8.4 Ray Wersching, K

DS: OK, here you go: two sentences to pimp your team. We'll start with Adam, since he was done first.

AL: At least you've heard of everyone on my team. And my team's locker room has the best chemistry with natural leaders such as Terry Bradshaw, Emmitt Smith and Roger Craig ? no bad seeds here.

BF: Chemistry schmemistry. The Super Bowl is about flukey stuff happening! Guys coming out of nowhere to have the monster game. If I could have drafted the Rams' Mike Jones individually on 'D' for one play, I would've done it. But I'm happy with Tim ''one-game wonder'' Smith, Doug ''take that, Hugh Culverhouse'' Williams and the 'Zonk (who fumbled in Super Bowl VI, but came back to have two 100-yard games). Michael Irvin? Yeah he's a jerk, but if he could do it in the remake of "The Longest Yard," he's OK for me. And the 2002 Bucs 'D'? Three defensive TDs. Let the games begin!

DS: Fed obviously can't count, so his team is out. Mine has Jerry Rice, and you really don't need anyone else. I mean, the guy can even dance!

DV: I have the greatest QB of all-time in Joe Montana; the best ever Super Bowl performances, numbers-wise, by a TE and K; a defense that only allowed 152 total yards and seven points; and, most of all Pittsburgh, two of the greatest Super Bowl performers and all-time Stillers in Franco Harris and John Stallworth. And, also, I'm the best-looking guy of this bunch.

DS: Thanks a bunch, guys.


What would a fantasy draft look like if it was comprised only of players' Super Bowl performances. We asked four fantasy Football experts to find out. Here are the results of their starters-only mock draft. We'll let you, the readers, decide which team is best:

Round 1

Dennis Velasco (Gear Live Football): Joe Montana, S.F. 49ers, QB

David Sandora (Tribune-Review): Jerry Rice, S.F. 49ers, WR

Barry Federovitch (Trenton Times): Timmy Smith, Washington Redskins, RB

Adam Levitan (Metro Newspapers): Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, RB

Round 2

AL: Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, QB

BF: Doug Williams, Washington Redskins, QB

DS: Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos, RB

DV: Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders, RB

Round 3

DV: Dan Ross, Cincinnati Bengals, TE

DS: 1985 Chicago Bears defense

BF: 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense

AL: Lynn Swann, Steelers, WR

Round 4

AL: Jay Novacek, Dallas Cowboys, TE

BF: Larry Csonka, Miami Dolphins, RB

DS: John Mackey, Baltimore Colts, TE

DV: Franco Harris, Steelers, RB

Round 5

DV: John Stallworth, Steelers, WR

DS: John Riggins, Washington Redskins, RB

BF: Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys, WR

AL: Roger Craig, San Francisco 49ers, RB

Round 6

AL: Antonio Freeman, Green Bay Packers, WR

BF: Isaac Bruce, St. Louis Rams, WR

DS: Deion Branch, New England Patriots, WR

DV: Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers, WR

Round 7

DV: 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense

DS: Steve Christie, Buffalo Bills, K

BF: Kevin Butler, Chicago Bears, K

AL: 1987 Washington Redskins defense

Round 8

AL: Adam Vinatieri, New England Patriots, K

BF: Dave Casper, Oakland Raiders, TE

DS: Steve Young, S.F. 49ers, QB

DV: Ray Wersching, S.F. 49ers, K

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: January 31, 2009

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